Technology For NGO'S

We provide solution to all the need of an NGO. Our only focus is on NGO and to fullfill their need we have different technological support and solution. We also provide all the technological consultation a NGO need.

Our Services


Web Development

We are providing website development service. You will get the best service based on your need. Our skilled team will assist you to create a noticeable presence in the world of web. Your website will be unique and according to your need to help you create your brand among others.

We provide three kind of website

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Demand Base


Our static website will be simple. No dynamic database option, email service or options of regular update and it will be simple but with great design.
For Price and more details send us an email.


Our dynamic website will be packed with function. You will get a CMS or admin panel for regular update. It will be controlled and maintained dynamically. No need to know coding or those other things to maintain the website. Dynamic database and every option will be dynamic and changeable with just some clicks.
For price and more details send us a email.

Demand Base

Our demand base website will be tailored based on your requirement. We will build it from scratch based on your need and according to your taste. The design will be also based on your organizations need. You will design your own organizations website.
For price and more details send us a email.

Website Maintenance

We will do the website maintenance for you. There are different kind of maintenance issue in a website and we will maintain and solve the issues regarding website.

There are three kind of maintenance-

Basic Maintenance (Monthly Base)

Content Upload and Maintenance (Weekly Base)

Complete Website Maintenance Support

For more details just send us an email and we will answer all your queries.

Microfinance Software Service

Organization that has Microfinance program will need software to keep records and track of their money. They also need software to do reporting. We build dynamic software that will do all the logical and hard work for you. We provide customized and crafted Microfinance software that has multiple functionalities and reporting options. All you need to do is carefully do the data entry and the software will do the rest of the hard work.

There are two kinds of Microfinance Software –

Offline (Desktop based) Software

Online (Server based) Software

For more details just send us an email and we will answer all your queries.