Every institution has its own mission, Vision and Goal. Organizational Action Plan (OAP) may initiate a course of debate and reflection within an institution. The OAP is an important tool for several reasons. Like-
  1. It outlines a common set of strategic objectives, targeted towards supporting the fulfillment of the Organization’s goals.
  2. How the Organization wish to contribute the work.
  3. It creates an easy, uniform way for institutions to report on and share their plans and accomplishments.
  4. Basic guideline of the Organization.
The OAP is meant to facilitate a process in which each institution can determine for itself the degree to which it will undertake projects:
  1. Reaching the poorest families (defined as families in developing countries who are in the bottom 50% of the population living below their country’s poverty line or those families living on less than $1 a day per capita, adjusted for purchasing power parity.)
  2. Reaching and empowering poor, specialy women
  3. Building financially self-sufficient institutions.
  4. Ensuring a positive measurable impact on the lives of clients and their families